Why Do Many People Enjoy Anime?

You probably know someone clearly in the deep end of an anime obsession, whether in general anime, one series, or a franchise. Anime fans can become obsessive. They watch episodes repeatedly, cosplay as their favorite characters, and have endless discussions about their favorite sequences online. Ultimately, they become emotionally invested in the show, shipping wars, and fanfics.

The question that pops into the minds of most people that aren’t anime diehards is why anyone would dedicate their precious time to cosplaying, attending expensive conventions, and collecting figures. It is curious why some people have such an enduring passion for anime and all it entails, similar to avid gamblers who play online daily, sometimes making the most of offerings like the Slots Capital no deposit bonus?

Like other film categories, anime has flaws; some people even deem it immature. Regardless it is still highly regarded, and this will cover some of the top reasons why anime attracts millions of new fans every year.

A short history of the emergence of anime

Understanding the short history of anime is necessary when you want to know why it is popular. What you know today as anime dates back to the emergence of the film industry in Japan, which occurred in the early 1900s. Over a century, anime has become one of Japan’s significant cultural forces.

During the early years of anime, it was not dominated by the cel animation technique synonymous with the film genre today. Back then, it included various other methods like paper cut-outs, chalkboard drawings, and painting directly on film.

Most of today’s anime technologies were introduced gradually, from sound and color to cell animation and the multiplane camera system. Most of the anime created in the 30s were primarily commercially oriented or some form of government propaganda rather than pure entertainment. This can be credited to the start of WWII and Japanese nationalism.

It was only after the end of the Second World War, in 1948, that Japan’s very first modern animation company came into being. It was solely devoted to producing entertainment and later became Toei.

Now that you know how anime came to be, here is why it is viral today.

  1. Unique and interesting characters

Anime prides itself in its characters’ diversity and vibrancy. People have dynamic personalities, which makes them wholesome characters, although they are not human. The humanizing aspect comes from anime characters’ goals and dreams. Generally, there is a variation in who they are.

In anime, you’ll find pirates, detectives, ghosts, high school kids, ghouls, office workers, demons, etc. there is no limit to who a character might be or what they might be.

  1. Anime series are rarely canceled

It can be highly frustrating to wholly invest yourself in a TV show or series only for the network to cancel it, pulling the rug right from underneath your feet. Fortunately, with anime, this rarely happens. Typically, the series ends when the story does, or it continues as an attempt to catch up with the manga.

In the rare case where a show is canceled, you can continue following the story with the manga.

  1. Characters are not flawless and die

Another facet of why people love anime is that the show’s plot armor does not spare the characters. Even those that are pivotal to the plotline are not immune to flaws or death. In anime, there is no such thing as perfect characters. When they exist, it is often to prove a point in the show’s plot.

  1. Teaches about Japanese culture

Although subtle, each anime contains some information about Japanese culture. That could be anything from common colloquialisms, holidays, and myths to popular traditions. There will always be something from this magnificent culture woven into each storyline.

  1. Anime is relatable

Just because a film is animated doesn’t mean it can be relatable or realistic, but anime storylines are relatable. Most will explore solid moral philosophies from real-life scenarios. In almost any anime, you’ll find the importance of family ties, decision-making, and people’s ability to rise above loss and tragedy.

  1. The possibilities are endless

Think about the most random story you can conjure up in your mind, and there’s probably an anime on it. Whether it’s a school for compulsive gamblers, or human beings existing with extraterrestrial creatures in a mythical universe, you’ll find it in anime. Anime is astounding in that there is no limit to what characters or worlds exist.

  1. Fantastic action sequences

Anime is all about the action! And not just fight scenes. The way anime is scripted lends itself to action being blended into any storyline’s plot. Even the filler episodes have some gripping ongoing action. The fight scenes in any film category can be spectacular. Since anime utilizes animations, there is no limit to how shows can achieve with their live action.

  1. Its strong female characters

There is often a misconception about how anime portrays women. However, put the physicality aside, and you’ll realize that the female characters in anime are not there to entertain the male fan base. These women are strong and dynamic characters.

There are rarely any damsels in distress, and the women match their male counterparts in action sequences. They are just as likely to kick ass!


Anime is excellent entertainment, and thanks to social media platforms, there is an increased appreciation for the genre. If you have never watched one, consider picking out an anime series for your next movie night.


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