Naruto Online: Earth Main / Crimson Fist Guide

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This is my third main character guide. This guide will be on Earth main who also known as the fierce Taijutsu damage dealer and support, Crimson Fist. I’ve already written two main character guides. You can check them out here:

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Let’s take a look at Earth Main / Crimson Fist.


What you need to know about Earth Main @ Crimson Fist?

You can choose Crimson Fist at the starting of the game as your starter character when you play Naruto Online. Earth main is extremely powerful in tanking taijutsu and ninjutsu damage. Although he is not a great damage dealer, he is able to provide great support for your lineup. I often suggest people to use Earth main to support other ninjas in their team to inflict great amount of damage. However, you can use Earth Main as a damage dealer for early games when you’re starting off.


Talents of Crimson Fist

Like all the other main characters, Earth main have five talents in Naruto Online game.

  • Mystery Skill
  • Standard Attack
  • Chase Skill
  • Passive Skill 1
  • Passive Skill 2



Mystery Description Type Unlocked Levels
Earth Style – Stone Fist Jutsu

Causes Earth attribute damage and Interruption to the selected opponent’s units. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 1
Earth Style – Super Stone Fist Jutsu

Causes Ninjutsu and Taijutsu damage to up to 4 units of the opponent’s units and the selected opponent’s unit to suffer from Knockdown. Moreover, all units in your Lineup will have a Shield based on 30% of this unit’s Resistance base attribute. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 25
Earth Style – Super Lightened Boulder Jutsu

All units from a selected Lineup will obtain an Extra standard Attack and will have 1 layer of Debuffs cancelled. (Cannot be overlapped with effects from other standard attacks) Taijutsu 45
Wood Style – Deep Forest Wall

Generates a shield based in 50% of this unit’s resistance base attribute to selected unit on the same column as this unit. Moreover, the player will also obtain 20 chakra points for each unit in the same column as this unit. Ninjutsu 72

At the beginning of the game, the offensive mystery of Earth Main like Earth Style – Stone Fist Jutsu helps the team to easily Interrupt opponent’s unit and inflict damages. Moving forward to middle and late game, it is well suited for Crimson First to play defensive support role for the lineup. This is because the 2nd and 3rd mystery provides great boost for the team. The 2nd skill produces AOE damage  up to four units while creating shield for the entire team.

This skill will increase your team’s survivability in mid-game. The 3rd skill will remove 1 layer of Debuffs and gets your entire lineup 1 extra standard attack. When you have strong damaging ninjas, this skill will allow your team to easily overpower you opponent team. Although the last mystery skill provides shield and chakra recovery, I will not suggest you to use this skill for your lineups.


Standard Attacks

Standard Attack Description Type Unlocked Levels
Taijutsu Attack


Attacks the opponent’s unit in the front row and has a high chances of causing 5 COMBO and High Float Taijutsu 1
Konoha Hurricane

Attacks up to 3 units of the opponent’s units in the front row and has a given chance of causing Repulse. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 35
Earth Style – Petrifying Jutsu

Generates a Shield based on 10% of this unit’s Resistance base attribute to up to 2 units with the least Life points in your Lineup. There is a given chance that these Shields be based on 20% of this unit’s Resistance base attribute Ninjutsu 50
Earth Style – Fissure

Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has a given chance of causing Low Float. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 64

Three of the standard attacks focuses on damage while only one standard attack focuses on producing shield for 2 units of your lineup with the least Life points. This standard attack will be unlocked only at level 50. Till you reach level 50 you need to use the damage based standard attacks which is important at early game as other ninja characters in your lineup would not be able to make massive damages. You need to make sure your main character makes damages to ensure higher damage output to sustain fight against your opponent lineups. Just make sure the standard attack of your choice works well with your lineup and your chase skill.


Chase Skills

Chase Description Type Unlocked Levels
Earth Style – Sphere Graves

Chases and Attacks a Repulse unit, causes Knockdown. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 7
Primary Lotus

Chases and Attacks High Floated unit, causes Knockdown and Ignition. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 7
Earth Style – Stone Fist Jutsu – Fall

Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes Low Float Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 7
Wood Style – Edged Rafter

Chases and Attacks a Low Floated unit, causes Repulse Ninjutsu 60

Chase skills are often focused on producing damages and successfully lead to more COMBOs. Usually to check the effectiveness of chase skills with your entire lineup you need to fight with Kakashi clones. However, you can use an online simulator to find out the best chase skill for your Earth Main . This is the tool you can use: (make sure to close this site once you finish using)

Let’s take an example on how you can make your chase skill work. You will have Sasuke who gets his chase skill triggered when any of the unit’s in your lineup cause Low Float. As you can see Earth Main has a chase skill that causes Low Float, so once you use that chase skill, Sasuke will use his chase skill. However, you need another chase skill to trigger Crimson Fist’s chase skill because the chase skill only works when an unit gets Knocked Down. Ninja characters like Hinata can cause Knockdown. With the right ninjas, you can have successful chase combos.


Passive Skills 1

Passive Description Type Unlocked Levels
Bottom Force

This unit’s Attack will be increased by 7% and Defense increased by 4% every time this unit suffers damage. Taijutsu 15
Pose of Duel

All units part of your Lineup who have a Shield will have their Ninjutsu and Attack increased by 30% Taijutsu 15
Earth Style Enhancement

Increases Ninjutsu and Attack by 40% to up to 3 Earth Attribute units from your Lineup, lasts for 5 rounds. Ninjutsu 15
Wood Style – Universe

If this unit is surrounded by a Shield, it’s Standard Attack will be changed to: “Attacks an opponent’s units and causes Earth and Water attribute damage and the affected unit will suffer from Low Float and Immobile. This skill never misses.” Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 68

As for the first set of passive skills, I will suggest Crimson Earth players to use the first passive skill: Bottom Force only when you don’t have Tank ninja characters like Kimimaro or Hinata. I would agree that Earth main will be a great Tank but he is more suited for support role. The best passive skill to use for your lineup will be 2nd and 3rd skill as it will buff your team lineup.

I never used the 4th passive skill in any of my lineups because I never use Earth Main for damaging purposes. If you think you’ll be successful at using the 4th passive skill, I won’t stop you. Pose of Duel is my favorite passive skills of Crimson Earth. It will increase the Ninjutsu and Attack of Ninjas who already have shields. For example, when you use Gaara or Iruka (only shields Konoha ninjas) they will create shield for your team. When your lineup have shields, it will automatically increase the Attack and Ninjutsu of the ninjas with your 2nd passive skill.


Passive Skills 2

Passive Description Type Unlocked Levels
Earth Style – Boulder Jutsu

At the beginning of a battle, generates Shield based on 40% of this unit’s base Resistance to up to 9 units from your field. Ninjutsu 55
Steel Body

Becomes Immune to Low Float, High Float, Repulse and Knockdown. This unit will also have it’s Defense and Resistance increase by 0.7% every time it loses 1% of its Life Points. Ninjutsu 55
Defense Knowledge

If this unit is in the field, all your Lineup’s units will have their Resistance increased by 40% and Defense increased by 20% Ninjutsu 55

If this unit is in the field, all Male units in your Lineup will have their COMBO Rate increased by 40% and Attack increased by 20% Taijutsu 76

The second row of passive skills provides some of the powerful passive skills which mainly increases the Defense and Resistance attributes. Although the Guidance passive skill helps to boost the Attack and Ninjutsu of Male ninjas in your lineup, I’ve never seen any players using it. I feel the other passive skills are much more beneficial for the entire team than Guidance. The first passive skill in this second row will provide shield only at the beginning of the round. It allows your team and also other teams (during Team Instance and GNW) absorb damages in the first round of the battle. For me, the third passive skill: Defense Knowledge is the best among others.

Let me explain to you why. When you choose this passive skill make sure  not to have your Earth Main on the front line because if your main character dies, this passive skill won’t have any effect for your lineup. The increase in Resistance and Defense will make your whole lineup tanky with the right ninja characters.

Like the earlier guides for main characters, I will provide the basic lineup for Crimson Fist. I will be writing more team builds for Earth main in the Team build section. This lineup will be good until you reach level 60. If you manage to get any rare or super rare ninjas, make sure to add them to your lineup and get the main character skills right.


Basic Team Lineup for Earth Main

This is the most basic lineup for Earth Main / Crimson Fist. It doesn’t matter who you put 1 and 2nd between Hinata and Kimimaro as it won’t make any differences. So for this lineup, you should use the following talents for the Earth Main:

  • Earth Style – Super Lightened Boulder Jutsu (Mystery)
  • Earth Style – Petrifying Jutsu (Standard Attack)
  • Earth Style – Stone Fist Jutsu – Fall (Chase)
  • Pose of Duel(Passive)
  • Earth Style – Boulder Jutsu(Passive)
  • Summon: Ninja Cat (Chase)

For this lineup we will be using the 3rd Mystery skill which allows everyone to have 1 additional Standard Attack. The damage output for this team will greatly increase with the ability of Kimimaro to make 9 combos with his standard attack and mystery. I chose Earth Style Boulder Jutsu passive skill to shield all the ninjas in this lineup. Without the shield, the other passive skill Pose of Duel will be useless. By providing shield to all the ninjas in the lineup it will also increase all the ninjas attack and ninjutsu with Pose of Duel.

As for the chase skill, Earth Style – Stone Fist Jutsu is perfect for this lineup as it will lead to successful combos with other ninjas in the lineup. I did not add any rare summons for this lineup as around level 50 to level 60 it’s pretty hard to get any rare summon as you need to draw 60 summon scrolls. But it will be relatively easier to capture Ninja Cat who will help you create successful combos with your team.

I will definitely write more team builds for Earth Main soon.

What do you think about this Earth Main / Crimson Fist guide?

If I missed out any important information, please do share with us by commenting below.

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