7 Top Animes For Naruto Fans

If you’re looking for the most acclaimed anime series, it’s tough to match Naruto, the massively popular version of Masashi Kishimoto’s comic series. The young orphan Naruto Uzumaki’s dangerous development as a novice ninja who will become his village’s Hero is chronicled in this Shonen epic, in which he faces and triumphs over a wide variety of challenges, including deadly foes and treacherous allies.

Naruto belongs to a long line of Shonen anime that takes place in the past and has brash young protagonists trying to prove themselves through daring adventures, relying on their close allies and friends, and participating in fierce ninja warfare against a wide variety of supernatural opponents. In addition to enjoying gambling at your fav mobile jackpot casino from the comfort of your home, here are Naruto alternatives to keep you indulged.

  1. Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls

Taking place in Japan during the 17th century, this anime follows two warring ninja clans as they fight to the death over a sacred manuscript. The authorities have given their full blessing to this rivalry, which has resulted in widespread chaos.

This series is captivating because of the strong ninja warriors it features, some of whom have otherworldly abilities. Some parallels may be seen between Naruto and this story, which features several extremely powerful fighters facing off against one another. But be advised, this anime has a lot of blood and violence.

  1. Hunter X Hunter

A small kid is the main character in Hunter x Hunter. At the story’s beginning, Gon is 12 years old and the first main character to take the Hunter exam. Given the Chunin exam storyline, the abundance of action, the introduction of key characters, and the development of bonds, some readers may be reminded of Naruto.

After being abandoned by his father when Gon was still very young, Gon has made it his mission to track his biological father. He needs to become a Hunter to access the resources accessible to them and conduct global searches for him. Gon finds Killua, a boy not unlike himself, except that Killua is a reformed assassin on his quest to track down his father. You won’t be able to put this book down as these two get into exciting and thrilling adventures.

  1. Black Clover

The orphan Asta lives in a world brimming with magic, but he himself possesses none. Although Naruto possesses the Nine-Tails’ strength within him, he isn’t very savvy with it at the start, and other characters are arguably stronger than he is. While Naruto aspires to the position of Hokage, Asta’s ultimate goal is to become the Wizard King.

Due to the competition between Asta and his boyhood friend Yuno, this manga can also be found in the subcategory below. Yuno is a witch and shares his hope for the future. Asta resolves to exercise daily to catch up to Yuno and realize his dream. In many ways, their connection is analogous to that of Naruto and Sasuke.

  1. Bleach

Based on the Tite Kubo manga, Bleach became a major competitor to Naruto in the early 2010s. Bleach depicts Ichigo Kurosaki, a youngster who can see ghosts and utilizes his power to save the universe from the evil Hollows, in contrast to Naruto, who aspires to improve his ninja skills to develop into the Hero of Hidden Leaf Village.

Bleach, one of the most extensive Shonen animated series featuring 370 episodes aired between 2004 and 2012, is sure to appeal to fans of Naruto thanks to its amazing combat sequences, the captivating teenage protagonist, and significant themes of consciousness. Both series make their protagonists relatable and convey the emotional turmoil of seeking revenge for loved ones.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fans of Naruto should watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood rather than the original series, which is not accessible for streaming at this time. The Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, are at the center of this series as they try to use alchemy to create a cure that will allow them to bring their dead mother back to life. If that doesn’t work, they’ll have to merge their bodies and keep looking for said Philosopher’s Stone.

Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist both do a great job of depicting the concept of sacrifice than most other anime do since they tell such a rich story of survival, fraternity, resilience, and surviving the loss of loved ones to find one’s heroic position in the world.

  1. My Hero Academia

The captivating story of Izuku Midoriya, a kind and courageous young man who, despite being born powerless in a world nearly overrun by superheroes, rises to become the greatest pro hero on the globe, can be found in the anime and manga series My Hero Academia. The show is captivating and enjoyable, but what sets it apart is the incredible motivation it provides.

Although the mangaka of My Hero Academia is a huge fan of Naruto, and many of the series’ characters seem to be inspired by the main characters from that series, My Hero Academia has more regular pacing than Naruto. As a result, it manages the remarkable feat of consistently keeping its viewers interested through plot twists and turns.

  1. Ninku

One could compare Ninku to the more obscure Naruto. That’s how the series is commonly perceived online. The legend of Ninku’s influence on Naruto’s creation persists.

Like the more well-known adolescent ninja, the protagonist of this anime, Fuusuke, embarks on a journey to develop his skills as a warrior. Fuusuke’s search for like-minded ninja warriors is the subject of Ninku. His mission is to prevent the world from being conquered by evil ninja masters. He can control the air currents, a superpower he’ll need in the future.

The story is undeniably exciting, and the action sequences are superbly realized. Fans of the ’90s will like this show as a bonus.


Despite its widespread popularity, there is a plethora of other anime out there that are conceptually similar yet offer a different experience.

In the world of shonen animation, Naruto is a must-see. The term “shonen” is commonly used to describe works aimed squarely toward teenage boys. Despite its flexibility, most successful series in the genre center on exciting adventures. We recommend checking out the Naruto-like anime titles on the list above.

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