Naruto Online: Wind Main / Breeze Dancer Guide

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It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote something on This is my fourth guide on the main characters. This guide will be on Wind Main who also known as standard damage dealer and aggressive team support character, Breeze Dancer. I’ve already written 3 main character guides where you can check them out here:

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Let’s move on to Breeze Dancer / Wind Main Guide

What you need to know about Wind Main @ Breeze Dancer

Like other main characters you’ll be able to choose Breeze Dancer when your start Naruto Online game. As a starting main character, Breeze Dancer is a good choice. However, like I always say in other articles it depends on what kind of team you’re looking to build that matters the most when you select your main character. But, you will need to analyze other ninja characters you get throughout the game to determine the best main character that suits your overall team.

As for Wind Main, she is a great ninjutsu damage dealer with some good early game skills. She will be able to provide excellent support the team if you have female characters or Wind attribute ninja characters. You can choose her as you starting character as she can provide good early game damage and support for your team.


Talents of Breeze Dancer

Like all the other main characters, Wind main have five talents in Naruto Online game.

  • Mystery Skills
  • Standard Attacks
  • Chase Skills
  • Passive Skills 1
  • Passive Skills 2



Mystery Description Type Unlocked Levels
Hurricane Jutsu

Causes Wind attribute Ninjutsu damage and Blindness to a selected unit and 1 random unit from the opponent’s Lineup. Ninjutsu 1
Giant Rasengan

Causes Ninjutsu and Taijutsu damage to the opponent’s entire Lineup and Repulse. Repulsed units cause damage to the units behind them. If there are 2 Breeze Dancer’s Shadow Clones in your Lineup, this skills, Cool down Time will be reduced by 1 round. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 25
Dance of Impetus

All units in your Lineup-except Breeze Dancer, will have their Mystery Skill’s Cooldown Time down to ) and all Debuffs are cancelled. Ninjutsu 45
Sage Art: Wind Style Wind Dust

Causes Wind attribute damage up to 3 units of the opponent’s Lineup and 4 COMBO. Moreover this skill will cancel all the affected units Debuffs, Buffs and Shields. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 72

For Wind Main, three of the four Mystery skills are attack based and only one which provides support for the entire team. The first mystery skill only damages 1 unit and only works well at the early stage of the game. Giant Rasengan mystery should be used once you activate it at level 25. It causes huge damage to the opponents team if you’re able to use the mystery without any interruption. The best part of Giant Rasengan mystery is that if more than 2 Shadow clones are still in the battle, the mystery cooldown will reduce by 1 round.

My favorite Mystery of Breeze Dancer will be Dance of Impetus which removes all Debuffs of your entire team and the best part your Mystery Skill gets reset. It provides the ability for your team to use Mystery again without waiting for their actual Mystery cooldown. Lastly, the Wind Style Wind Dust is a great Mystery when you’re up against team that buffs and shields before the battle gets started. This mystery will remove all the Buffs and Shields of 3 units of the opponent’s team.

Like other main character mysteries, there are always pros and cons with Mystery skills and always depends on the opponent team you’re up against and your team build.


Standard Attacks

Standard Attack Description Type Unlocked Levels
Gust Dance

Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has high chances of causing 10 COMBO Ninjutsu 1
Shadow Clone Jutsu

Generates 1 to 2 Shadow Clones with Life based on 20% of the main character’s Life points. These Shadow Clones are capable of using Taijutsu Attack as their Standard Attack and this Attack has high Chances of causing Low Float. Ninjutsu 35
Wind Style – Gale Fan

Attacks up to 3 opponent’s units in the front row and has a given chance of causing Repulse. Repulsed units will cause damage to the unit behind them. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 50
Sage Art – Rasengan Barrage

Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has a high chance of causing Low Float. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 64

You should choose your Standard Attack based on how your standard attack can lead to consecutive chase in your team. The first standard attack only attacks a single unit which causes 10 COMBO. If you have ninjas with chase skills that gets triggered at 10  COMBO it would be a good standard to use. But it works well only for early and mid game. If your team needs more sustainability and reduce damages on other ninja characters in your team, Shadow Clone Jutsu is a great choice. Moreover, it will cause Low Float and Taijutsu Damage while reduces the cool down of Giant Rasengan Skills.

I’ve never relied on the third Standard Attack because the 2nd standard attack is a better choice. The last standard attack depends on your team build, it can easily make or break your team. This is because it only has high chance of causing Low Float and if your opponent has Super Armor like Itachi Uchiha [Susano’o] or Ay [Third Raikage], the standard attack will be pretty useless.


Chase Skills

Chase Skills Description Type Unlocked Levels
Shoot Down – Rasengan

Chases and Attacks a Repulsed unit, causes Knockdown. Can be triggered  2 times every round. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 7
Wind Style – Blowing

Chases and Attacks a Low Floated unit, causes High Float and Blindness. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 7
Wind Style – Vacuum Blast Barrage

Triggered with at least 10 COMBO, causes Wind Attribute damage to up to 3 units of the opponent. Ninjutsu 7
Combo Blade of Wind

Chases and Attacks High Floated unit, causes Repulse. After using this skill, Breeze Dancer will get Extra Standard Attack. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu 60

Your chase skills are highly dependent on the team you use. All the chase skills are pretty good. However, the best chase skill will be Shoot-Down Rasengan. If you have Rhino as your summon, you will at least make 4 COMBOS with your Breeze Dancer alone. Make sure to check the effectiveness of your chase skills as it is extremely important for your overall team sync.

Passive Skills 1

Passive Skills Description Type Unlocked Levels
Flower Guard

At the beginning of the battle, this unit and another random Female unit from your Lineup will be immune to Debuffs and will have a Shield generated based on 40% of this unit’s Resistance base attribute. Lasts for 2 rounds. Ninjutsu 15
Wind Dance

At the beginning of a battle, all units in the same column as your Breeze Dancer will have their Ninjutsu and Resistance increased by 40%, lasts for 5 rounds. Ninjutsu 15
Wind Style Enhancement

Increases the Ninjutsu and Attack by 40% to up to 3 Wind attribute units from your Lineup, lasts for 5 round. Ninjutsu 15
Chakra Coordination

If your Main Character is in the field, every time a unit from your Lineup recovers Chakra points, they will also recover 12% of their Life. Ninjutsu 68

All the passive skills in the first tier are pretty good. When you have a strong female ninja character in your lineup like Kushina [Red-Hot Blooded Habanero], the passive skill will increase the sustainability and immunity towards Debuffs for 2 rounds.  When you have strong ninja characters in the same column of Wind Main, Wind Dance passive skill is a good selection as it increases the Ninjutsu and Resistance by 40% and it lasts for 5 rounds.

If you want to go all out aggressive wind main team, Wind Style Enhancement is a must use passive skill as it increases the Attack and Ninjutsu of 3 Wind attribute ninja characters and it lasts for 5 rounds. Lastly, Chakra coordination is a great skill but you need to have ninja characters who recovers chakra points like Naruto [Sage Mode]  or the last passive skill of Wind Main from second tier, Natural Draining. This is because the skill will only work when the Main character is on the field with ninja characters with chakra recovery abilities.


Passive Skills 2

Passive Skills 2 Description Type Unlocked Levels
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

At the beginning of a battle, generates 3 Shodown Clones with Life based on 20% of the main body’s Life Points. These shadow clones are capable of using Taijutsu Attack as their Standard Attack and has high chances of causing Low Float. Ninjutsu 15
Queen Momentum

This unit’s Ninjutsu and Attack will be increased by 25% for every Female unit in your Lineup. Ninjutsu 15
Super Sexy Harem Jutsu

At the beginning of a battle, up to 3 Male units of the opponent’s units will suffer from Blindness. Ninjutsu 15
Natural Draining

Receive 15 Chakra points and increase this unit’s Ninjutsu by 6% every time this unit triggers her own Chase Skill. After using this skill, Breeze Dancer will be marked as a Senjutsu user. Ninjutsu 68

The second tier passive skills can provide huge utility and support for their entire team. However, I will suggest you not to waste using the 3rd passive skill, Super Sexy Harem. There are two reasons why you should not use that passive skill. Firstly, other passive skills are better than Super Sexy Harem. Secondly, you don’t come across a team with full male ninja characters. Even if you come across, I’m very sure they have Debuff Immunity unless you’re against newbie player.

The first passive skill will help you increase the sustainability of your team,to sacrifice you clones to protect your other ninja characters for the first few rounds. Queen Momentum will work well if you choose to use Breeze Dancer for damaging purpose. You need to make sure there are at least 2 female ninja characters in the lineup as it will increase the Attack and Ninjutsu of Wind Main by 50%. If you want to use Natural Draining passive skill make sure to use Chakra coordination and choose the right chase skills. Natural Draining and Chakra Coordination combination works pretty well in late games.

Like all the other main character guides, I will give you the basic team build for you to sustain and even dominate early and mid game. There will be more Wind Main team builds added to the Team build category. Just keep an eye on it. The lineup that I’ll be showing you will be good till level 65. However, if you get any super rare ninja characters from the ninja treasures or events, please use them and build your team around them to work well. This is because super rare ninja characters can cause huge damage difference.


This is the most basic Wind Main / Breeze Dancer lineup that I would suggest you to use up to level 60-65. Even if you’re a F2P player, you can easily use this Team Build. All the ninja characters are easy to get. Shikaku Nara (Survival & Arena Shop),  Sasuke (Elite Instances and Bond Scrolls), and Hinata (Rank Battle Shop and Elite Instances). As for the summon you can get it from Land of Fire Forest. If you manage to get Rhino (if you’re lucky) use it for summon as it will increase your highest combo to 9.

As for the Wind Main talents, use as following:

  • Giant Rasengan (Mystery)
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu (Standard Attack)
  • Shoot-Down Rasengan (Chase Skill)
  • Flower Guard (Passive 1)
  • Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu (Passive 2)
  • Summon: White Snake

What do you think of this Wind Main/Breeze Dancer guide?

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    • I will definitely try to make late game guides for advance players in near future. As I’m engaged with other projects it will be published after sometime. Thanks for the suggestion btw.