Naruto Online: Guide to Mood System

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Today I’ll be sharing some tips on Mood System.

In Naruto Online Game the mood system gets unlocked at level 32.

So what you need to know about Mood System?

Mood System will help your ninjas to increase their basic stats which are Life, Attack, Ninjutsu, Defense and Resistance. However, you need to sacrifice one of your other stat to increase specific stat of your preference.

There are two items you need to upgrade and change your mood which are:

  • Dango (Meatball) – To change the mood (Life, Attack, Ninjutsu, Defense and Resistance)
  • Mood Scroll – Strengthens the mood level


Table of Mood & Effected Stats

Mood Increase(+) Decrease (-)
Calm(Default) None None
Happy Life Attack
Delighted Life Defense
Joyful Life Ninjutsu
Happy Life Resistance
Angry Attack Defense
Irritable Attack Ninjutsu
Vexed Attack Resistance
Sorrowful Defense Life
Sad Defense Attack
Downcast Defense Resistance
Excited Ninjutsu Life
Thrilled Ninjutsu Attack
Fickle Ninjutsu Defense
Frantic Ninjutsu Resistance
Worried Resistance Life
Horrified Resistance Attack
Anxious Resistance Defense
Melancholy Resistance Ninjutsu

The maximum level of the mood will be level 16 which provides 65% stats increase. Following are the breakdown of increasing your mood with mood scrolls:

  • From 5% to 25% – 10 mood scrolls (Level 1 – Level 6) – 2 scrolls each level – 4% gain for each level increased
  • From 25% to 45% – 50 scrolls (Level 6 – Level 11) – 10 scrolls each level – 4% gain for each level increased
  • From 45% – 65% – 100 scrolls (Level 11 – Level 16) – 20 scrolls for each level – 4% gain for each level increased

You need to have a strategy when you increase the mood level for your ninjas and main character. For example, if you’re using Breeze Dancer you may focus on increasing her Life, this is because her Clone skills depends on the percentage of Life points the main character have. In another instance, when we take a look at Ninja like Sasuke [Susano’o] where his abilities relies more on Ninjutsu and you should increase the Ninjutsu attribute.

How to Get Mood Scrolls

There are plenty of events offering Mood Scrolls and sometimes you can get it at cheaper rate during Sage Treasure event and Daily Special event.

You can also purchase Mood scrolls with ingots and coupons. It will cost 15 ingots/coupons per mood scroll.

If you want to max out the mood for your ninjas it will cost  2,400 ingots/coupons if you’re looking to purchase them. It will cost almost  $48 USD.

If I missed some crucial information about mood system, please share with us by commenting below.

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