How to Fight PUBG Addiction

PUBG addiction is more grave than drug addiction. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or the Battle Royale game which you may have heard about recently, all for the wrong reasons, has been accused of causing mental health issues. Apart from its violent gaming content, the players become so addicted and glued to their smartphone screens.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been rated as one of the top apps of 2018 on Google Play Store. With interesting updates and interactive games, it continues to attract gamers despite its addictive nature.

PUBG Mobile is taking the country by storm. The game’s premise is simple, yet exciting. You are one among 100 who parachutes down to an island scattered with weapons and other equipment. Once you land, you scramble for weapons and then kill everyone else in an ever-shrinking map to be the last man standing. You can engage in the game by yourself, with dual players and with a four-member team.

Hindustan Times reported that a 15-year old boy is currently undergoing treatment for PUBG addiction. The boy played until late at night and began missing school. He would have over 10,000 friends online and only a handful of them in the real world. The situation worsened when the boy was unwilling to recognize it as an issue.

In addition, the World Health Organization has also recognized gaming as a mental health disorder that can cause serious complications.

Here are some ways to fight PUBG addiction:

  1. Giving Your Child a Smart Phone is like Giving them a Gram of Cocaine

Don’t encourage your children to play these games. Notice any changes in behavior instantly and take the right measures before it gets too late. Instead, encourage your children to engage in outdoor activities. Now it is these activities that stimulate the function of the brain and help children to perform better.

  1. Accept and Seek Help

If you think you are on the road to getting addicted to this game, get help immediately. Simply stop playing the game and aim to go gadget-free at least before bedtime and during dinner time. The game might seem invigorating in the beginning but it’s more of a trap to get you hooked on to the game.

  1. Play in Moderation

At times stopping to play altogether can leave a huge void and lead to over-indulging. Every time you get into your gaming mode, set a timer and follow it strictly. Don’t go overboard and ask your family/friends to intervene and stop you if you go over time. The goal is to curtail how time you spend gaming eventually.

  1. Find Other Hobbies

Do something else to keep your minds and hands busy like joining Caesar’s casino online. Learn a new musical instrument, practice art, and crafts or do something fun with your real friends.

The only way to fight PUBG addiction is detoxing your way through it. There are so many cases of addiction reported with this type of games that just doesn’t make it worth it at the end of the day.

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