Is the Naruto Anime Worth Watching in 2022?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard of Naruto. It is one of the most popular Animes there is! And, according to most, it’s obvious why. They think the show is a blast like a good shopping spree online using your Neosurf!

You might be in the middle of watching the Naruto Anime but get distracted due to the fillers of the show; then you should skip the filler show, which makes Naruto a better series as compared to many others. The show gets better once you start watching it. For instance, one must admit, Haku and Zabuza were fearsome opponents in the show.

The attractive scene in the show is the epic speech of Naruto, which he gave in the Land of Waves Arc. Kakashi’s filler arc, power arc, and Chunin exa Arc make the show a must-watch. It enables the viewer to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the characters and the twist in the series.

This is perfect for you if you don’t want to start an anime that takes more than two weeks to end. With all the downsides of the show, it is still worth watching as the characters and fights of the show are fun to watch. Many fans of the show are willing to experience the excitement of the show again. This makes the show worth the hype.

The ten episodes of Arc get interesting with time. Being a Naruto fan, it will be hard for you to see what the fans of Naruto call “talk no Jutsu.” It was when Naruto tried to talk to his opponent rather than fighting with him. Some of the fights in the show last longer, which makes it boring for some people, but despite this, the thing which happened to Sasuke makes the show interesting and worth watching.

Seeing Itachi in A Completely New Light

The older brother of Sasuke, Itachi, was a character with mystery. The story gives less information about his formative years but a little bit of knowledge about his backstory, but the true story of Itachi is a great plot that shows his character. The seven-episode show gives a new perspective of the character.

He being a humanized character, witnessed many wars when he was little. He started questioning the natural things around him, which enhanced people’s expectations regarding his ninja abilities. This true story is a small part of the series but an amazing filler arc that highlights the ruthless criminals of the series.

The Filler Arc About Kakashi Is a Must-Watch

Some of the viewers call Kakashi, the Shinobi who was found to be living in darkness, filler. It’s an amazing thing to watch when Black Ops while were weaving Kakashi’s past with them. The series is filled with a lore back story and is related to Kakashi.

The series also shows the interactions of Kakashi with the members of ANBU, like Yamuto and Itachi. Yamuto’s origin story was another twist in the series, which is an attraction for the viewers. This shows how well the writers of Naruto have presented the original stories in an anime.

The Chunin Exam Arc Provides an Opportunity to Shine.

The scene of the Chunin exam occurred soon after Naruto’s departure and the defection of Sasuke from the team. After decent writing and normal fillers, the writer fills the gap in how the viewers expected it to be. It is interesting for the viewers to see how the story proceeds, and the nail-biting suspense of weather the Team will pass the exams or not.

Six Tails Unleashed Is Way Better than the Appearance of Three Tails.

Six tails unleashed is way better than three tails, as it increases the efficiency of storytelling. The Arc shows a bittersweet tale between the student and his master, which is a perfect fit for the story. The Utakata, a six-tail vessel, is considered a well-rounded character who embraces the harsh realities of Jinchuriki’s existence. The perfectly condensed Arc answers viewers’ potential questions through only eight episodes.

Power Arc is a Crucial Milestone

Viewers who want to watch the complete series of Naruto should not miss the filler of the sixth episode Power-Arc. It is an important addition to the series as it commemorates the achievement of the Naruto series. It also follows the completion of Naruto’s investigation of the attacks recently, which recently took place in the nearby village.

The viewers of Naruto should look forward to this filler arc and an amazing battle between hydra and Nine-tails. It is considered an extension of the creativity of Naruto’s producers and how they commemorate their appreciation and love for such an exciting story.

The Ninja Arc Twelve Guardian Contributes a Lot To The Storyline Of Naruto

Ninja is considered a bodyguard for the feudal lord of the Land of fire. It was revealed in the story that Asuma, which is the third son of Hokage, was an ex-member. This Arc highlights the incident close to the fire temple and was led by 12-membered Guardian. This Arc plays a major role in the story, especially when it comes to the timeline of Naruto.

It briefly explains the struggle of Naruto with the wind-style training and Nine-tails while also explaining the backstory of Asuma. When the Arc explains his backstory and character, his death hits much harder to the viewers.

The main character of the series is an underdog, which makes the story different from others. All you want from the main character is to defeat all of his foes. The writer and producer nicely craft the characters of the series from the very start of the series.

Some people talk very negatively about the series and criticize it for some reasons; they mention various things related to filler arcs and the appearance of certain characters in the story. Once you start watching the show, you should watch it blindly and understand the performance of each character and why each character of the story reacted in a particular way in some situations.

It is highly recommended for people who haven’t watched any anime series before; sticking with the Naruto series wouldn’t make them regret their decision. Go on with watching how each character perfectly fits in the plot of Naruto; some viewers question the motive of certain characters in the story, but still, it is one of the most amazing anime series to watch as compared to others.

The Villains of the Story

Villains introduced in the second half of the series are famous for a reason. They have scary motives and perfectly fill the label of the story’s villain. Each story’s character has its purpose, and to understand the show completely, it is important to focus on every canon episode of the show.

The ending climax of the show is perfectly executed, and the creators of the show have made an emotional and impactful climax. Stick with the series till the end so you can enjoy the thing that makes people fans of the show.

Final Thoughts!

This might not be a perfect show for some viewers, but there are various reasons why people are in love with the Naruto series. It’s worth watching the series, even in the year 2023. Watching it makes a person a fan of Naruto. The perfectly synchronized fillers of the story make a person appreciate the efforts of the writer and producer.


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