Naruto Online: Fire Main / Scarlet Blaze Guide

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This is my second main character guide. This guide will be on Fire Main who commonly known as Scarlet Blaze. I’ve written a guide on Lightning main. You can check it out here:

Naruto Online: Lightning Main / Midnight Blade Guide

Let’s move on to the Fire Main Guide.

What you need to know about Scarlet Blaze @ Fire Main?

As you know Scarlet Blaze is one of the main characters you can choose when you start playing Naruto Online game.  Scarlet Blaze is a Fire type Ninja who focuses mainly on Ninjutsu abilities. This ninja character can be used for AOE damage and Ninjutsu based Crowd Control. Moreover, Fire Main abilities can create Debuffs especially Ignition that will make Healing abilities inactive. If you’re looking for an AOE damaging character with good Crowd Control, Scarlet Blaze is a good choice to start off with.


Talents of Scarlet Blaze

There are usually Five different types of talents for the main characters in Naruto Online game.

  • Main character Mystery
  • Standard Attack
  • Chase Skill
  • Passive 1
  • Passive 2



Mystery Description Type Unlocked Levels
Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu

Causes Ninjutsu damage up to 2 of the opponent’s units. If an Oboro Clone is present in your Lineup, this skill’s Cooldown Time will be reduced by 1 round. (under “Ignition”, units will suffer dmage at the end of each round and the Healing is inaffective) Taijutsu 1
Fire Style – Dragon Flame Jutsu

Causes Ninjutsu damage to up to 7 of the opponent’s units. Moreover, the selected unit will suffer from High Float. If an Oboro Clone is present in your Lineup, this skill’s Cooldown Time will be reduced by 1 round. Ninjutsu 25
Sealing Jutsu – Seal of Red Lotus

Causes damage, Immobile and Imprison to a selected opponent’s unit. If an Oboro Clone is present in your Lineup, this skill’s Cooldown time will be reduced by 1 round. Ninjutsu 45
Illusion – Mirroring Vision

Generates Shields to a whole selected Lineup based on 20% of the unit’s Resistance base attribute. Moreover, all Debuffs on these units will be cancelled and they will be immune to Debuffs until the end of the round. Ninjutsu 72

The above mystery table shows the mysteries for Fire Main character. Like other main characters there will 4 mysteries for Scarlet Blaze. The effectiveness of these mysteries depends on the other ninjas you choose to build your team with. You just need to make sure you get your objectives right and build your team with Fire Main.


Standard Attacks

Standard Attack Description Type Unlocked Levels
Taijutsu Attack

Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has a given chance of causing 3 COMBO, Low Float and Ignition. (Units under “Ignition” will continuously suffer damage end of each round and cannot be healed) Taijutsu 1
Fire Style – Flame Jutsu

Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has high chances of causing 10 COMBO. This skill never misses. Ninjutsu 35
Feather Illusion Jutsu

Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row causes Sleeping. This skill is not subject to defensive skills of the opponent. Ninjutsu 50
Fire Style – Bomb Blast Dance

Attacks up to 4 of the opponent’s units and has given chance of causing Ignition. Ninjutsu 64

There are 4 types of Standard Attacks for Fire Main. You will need to use the Taijutsu Attack until you reach level 35 where the 2nd standard attack gets unlocked. All the standard attacks are pretty much useful depending on the opponent’s team you’re against. There is no chance for the skills to miss. However, if your opponent team is immune to Debuffs , your Fire Main’s attacks will only cause damage.


Chase Description Type Unlocked Levels
Phoenix Fire -Chase

Triggered with at least 10 COMBO, causes Fire attribute damage and ignition to up to 2 of the opponent’s units. Ninjutsu 7
Fire Style – Fire Ball Jutsu

Chases and Attacks High Floated unit, causes Low Float and Ignition. Ninjutsu 7
Fire Style – Celestial Prison

Chases and Attacks Low Floated unit, causes Repulse and Imprison Ninjutsu 7
Fire Style – Burning Ash


Chases and Attacks Repulsed unit, causes Knockdown and Blindness. Ninjutsu 60

The chase skills should work well with your team lineup to make sure high combos are achieved. You can use the following tool to get the right team lineup that maximize your COMBOS: (make sure to close this site once you finish using)

Let’s take an example on how your chase skill works. The first chase skill Phoenix Fire-Chase will be triggered when your team makes 10 COMBO hits. It’s pretty easy to get 10 hits when you have the right ninjas in your team. When you use ninjas like Tenten and Sasuke who also has COMBO triggered with 10 hits, you will make huge AOE damage to your opponent’s team.



Passive Description Type Unlocked Levels
Red Lotus Secret

At the beginning of a battle, increases Ninjutsu and Combo Rate by 40% for all Secret Jutsu User units in your Lineup, lasts for 3 rounds. Ninjutsu 15
Genjutsu – Mirror Return

Every round, the first Debuff caused to 1 unit of your Lineup will be transffered to 1 of your opponent’s units. Ninjutsu 15
Fire Style Enhancement

Increases Ninjutsu and Attack by 40% to up to 3 Fire attribute units in your Lineup, lasts for 5 rounds. Ninjutsu 15
Ninjutsu Urge

When your main character is in the field, all units in your field will have their Ninjutsu increased by 15%. Moreover, whenever one of your units causes Ninjutsu damage, they will Heal themselves by 10% of the damage caused. Ninjutsu 68

Passive skills of your main character will make or break your team. The passive skill you choose depends on your opponent’s team. It doesn’t really matter when you’re doing Team Instances as you will have other players in your group to help you in getting it through. When you’re going against strong opponent’s in Sage World Battlefield these passive skills are essential. Genjutsu – Mirror Return is commonly used passive skill for Scarlet Blaze Team. This is because your opponent will try to unleash their Debuff skills to the strongest ninja in your team. When this passive skill is in use, it will reflect the Debuff to the opponent’s unit. Most Fire Main team will be ninjutsu based team and the 4th passive skill will be a huge help if you need sustainability.


Passive 2

Passive Description Effects Unlocked Levels
Oboro Clone Jutsu

After the beginning of a battle, summons 1 Oboro Clone with Life based on 45% of the main body’s Life points. Scarlet Blaze will also get an Extra Standard attack whenever this Oboro Clones uses a Standard Attack. Ninjutsu 55
Bani Chakra

Before the first action in a round, recovers 20 Chakra points and small amount of Life points. Ninjutsu 55
Death Mirage

Before the first action every round, up to 2 random opponent’s units will suffer from Tagged. Ninjutsu 55

The Mystery Skill’s Cooldown Time of this unit will be down to 0 if this unit’s Mystery Skill defeats an opponent’s unit. Moreover, damage by this unit to Clones, Puppets and Summons will be increased by 50%. Ninjutsu 76

I find these passive skills provides even more utility for your team. All the skills are pretty useful for Fire Main team. When you’re looking some sort of defense and additional damaging for your Fire team, Oboro Clone will be the best option. Moreover, Oboro Clone will help to cooldown 2 Fire Main mysteries. Other passive skills fully dependent on how you organize your lineup and the necessity of those passive skill for your team. As these passive skills often focus on your main character fully, you need to leverage on them to make your Fire Main stronger.

Like the Lightning Main guide, I will provide the basic lineup for Scarlet Blaze without making holes in your pocket. This lineup will help you sustain at the top until level 60. If you manage to get super rare and rare ninjas make sure to add them to your lineup and use the right main character talents.

Basic Fire Main Lineup

This is the basic lineup for Fire Main or Scarlet Blaze. As you can see on the screenshot above, you’ll be able to make a maximum combo of 10 using Sasuke’s standard attack. And other ninjas have the potential to make 8 combos with their Standard Attacks and Fire Main can trigger the combo with the Fire Style – Dragon Flame Jutsu mystery. Karin is a great addition to the fire main team as she has a chase combo that triggers twice with Poison debuff. Moreover, she will also heal the unit with the least life point and remove 1 Debuff. You can use either Ninja Cat or Kamatari as your Summon for this lineup.

Overall this is a standard team for Scarlet Blaze.  This is a F2P Fire Main lineup that everyone can easily build for Naruto Online game. I will write about top Scarlet Blaze team builds in coming weeks. Although some of the lineups might require huge amount of spending on the ingots/coupons, you can still get those ninja characters by saving up your coupons and seal scrolls.

What do you think about this Fire Main guide?

If i missed something important, please share with us by commenting below.

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