Darui is one the strongest lightning ninja every Lightning main players wish to have in their lineup. If you’ve followed Naruto anime, you would have encountered his first appearance in Five Kage Summit.

He is a shinobi of Kumogakure ( Hidden Cloud Village of the Land of Lightning) and the right-hand of the Fourth Raikage. In Naruto Online, he is a great addition to the Lightning team and can be used for Water team as well.

Attribute: Lightning

Special Abilities: [Double Attack] [Lightning buff] [Water buff]

Crowd Control: [Paralysis]

Chase Effect: [Repulse] [High Float] [Knockdown]

Chase Trigger: [10 Combo] [High Float]

Number of Chases: 2 Chase


Darui Abilities Overview


Ninjutsu Lightning Style – Black Panther: Cause Lightning attribute damage and Paralysis to up to 7 of the opponent’s units and Knockdown a selected unit.

Taijutsu Lightning Style – Reverse Lift: Attacks the opponent’s front row and has chance of a 3 COMBO and causing High Float and Paralysis

Ninjutsu Gale Style Barrier – Thunder Cloud Void Wave: Launches barrier – Lightning Cloud Wave at the beginning of a battle. Increases the Attack and Ninjutsu by 40% for all ninjas with Lightning and Water attributes on your main team if the barrier is activated. Launch one extra attack by oneself each round.

Ninjutsu Gale Style – Laser Circus: Triggered with at least 10 COMBO, causes Ninjutsu damage and Paralysis to 3 of the opponent’s units at random.

Ninjutsu Water Style – Water Wall: Chases and Attacks a High Floated unit, causes Repulse.


How to get Darui?

It is relatively easier to get Darui from The Kage Treasure as Darui is classified as Rare ninja though he performs extremely well in damage output.

You will need to draw 70-80 times to secure Darui from the Kage Treasure. However, you might obtain it earlier with less than 70 draws.

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