Sai [Great Ninja War]

This is the Great Ninja War Sai. As I’ve written about Sai in the other article.

Let’s move on straight to the abilities of Sai [Great Ninja War].

Attribute: Water

Special Abilities: [Immobile] [Protection from Skills]

Chase Effect: [Repulse]

Chase Trigger: [Knockdown]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase


Sai [Great Ninja War] Abilities Overview


Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Sealing Jutsu – Threatening [Prompt]: Cause a heavy damage to the selected opponent’s unit and Knockdown and Immobile. If killed by this skill, the unit will not resurrect.
Standard Attack

Taijutsu Super Beast Scroll – Raging Lion: Summon 1-2 Super Beast Imitation Drawing – lions to fight for you (with a high chance of summoning 2). Lions are capable of Standard Attacks.

Ninjutsu Super Beast Scroll – Falconry: Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes Repulse.

Ninjutsu Super Beast Scroll – Armor Collection : When at least 2 Lions are in the field, replace this unit’s Standard Attack always cause High Float.

Taijutsu Anbu Camouflage Tactic: Have five attributes, including Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Fire, at to protect yourself from skills.


How to get Sai [Great Ninja War]

You can get Sai [Great Ninja War] from the Edo Tensei Treasure. You need to draw 10 seal scrolls to get Sai [Great Ninja War].

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