Ay [The Fourth Raikage]

Ay [ The Fourth Raikage] is one of the strongest lightning ninjas in Naruto Online game. One of the greatest addition to Midnight Blade team. Although Ay is not a natural tank, he is immune to chase and debuffs. If you have the Ay, make sure to use him in your lightning team.

Attribute: Lightning

Special Abilities: [Immune to Chase] [Immune to Debuffs] [Double Attack] [Recovery] [Increase Critical Hit]

Debuffs: [Tag]

Chase Effect:[High Float] [Knockdown]

Chase Trigger: [High Float]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase


Ay [The Fourth Raikage] Abilities Overview


Ninjutsu Lightning Protector: When used, become immune to all Debuffs during the round it was launched. Moreover, during that round, this unit will use 4 standard attacks while simultaneously increasing its Critical Hit Rate by 15%, lasts 1 round.

Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Lightning Plough Hot Sword: Attacks 1 of the opponent’s units and will cause the unit to suffer from Tag. This standard attack will cause 3 COMBO and High Float.

Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Lateral Bolt of Pain Dance: If the opponent’s formation has a unit suffering from Tag, it replaces this unit’s standard attack by Causing 5 Combo to 1 of the opponent’s units suffering from Tag and High Float. The unit will no longer suffer from Tag after this attack.

Ninjutsu Aggressiveness: Immune to Low Float, High float, Repulse, and Knockdown. Heals oneself by a certain percentage of cased damaged by Taijutsu Attack.

Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Lightning Style – Liger Bomb – Chase and attacks High Float unit, causes Knockdown and Immobile


How to get Ay [Fourth Raikage] Fragments?

Getting Ay has the same difficulties in getting Sasuke [Susano’o]. As you can see in many seal scrolls pulling guides, they mentioned that you need at least 1000 seal scroll pulls to get Ay [Fourth Raikage] from Kage Treasure.

If you can spend money on ingots, there are many events that allow you to obtain Ay [Fourth Hokage] fragments. Moreover, you will need around minimum 125×1000 = 125,000 ingots ( US$2575)  to purchase seal scrolls and use them on Kage treasure. If you’re lucky, you can get Ay earlier.

If you’re a free player, you have to either save your seal scrolls which can take years or strike lucky to get Ay from a free draw, which most likely won’t happen.

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