5 Games Every Gaming Buff Should Try

Video Games have become an inherent part of culture these days. For some, it’s hard to imagine a life without games – the chup chup, beep beep, growling dialogues can be music to your ears. Here are 5 games for all you gaming lovers out there:

1. Warframe

Launched back in 2013 with a steady base of players, this martial-arts inspired combat is one of the best action games that is available both on PC and consoles. It comes with a good number of customizing options which let you choose your own weapons, armor and base station. Get down your enemy by navigating slick moves and play it according to your own style.

2. Battle Royale

The x-box and pc version of this game is not free, but you can gain access to the free version through PUBG mobile. An exciting action game that you can play solo or with a squad of virtual team mates. There’s a voice chat forum for multiple players and you are sure to stay glued on to your smartphone screen with its appealing interactive format. A recent update has also added new missions and activities to the game to keep you coming back for more than just the coveted chicken dinner.

3. Hearthstone

A trading card game based on your favorite characters from the Warcraft series, the players here battle in a magic card duel. The use of a variety of spells and minions to bring down your opponent’s health crashing down and a wide range of strategies will keep you hooked on to this simple game. Mana crystals determine how many cards and which cards you play and new cards can be purchased using the gold you earn through normal play.

4. Killer Instinct

This game has remained a staple in the genre of fight-based games since its launch in 2013. The developer has made interesting additions over the years with awesome combatants like Spinal and Battletoad’s Rash. The best part is that it’s free to play in all modes except for the fact that you can choose only character at a time. However, an X-box gold subscription gives you access to all season’s characters.

5. Tetris 99

Who doesn’t like this super-exciting game of mind-boggling Tetris Although not as exciting as the games from online casinos US. This version of the game is a cool mash-up of battle royale and puts you up against 98 other Tetris players. It is equipped with four different attack commands that express your garbage to other players. Tetris 99 packs a punch with its relentless pace and attacks from several players at once. This version of the game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch subscribers though. The iconic puzzle game of Tetris gets a new life with an even more invigorating player experience.

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