Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki]

Roshi is the Jinchurki of Four-Tails, Son Goku. Roshi comes from Village Hidden by Rocks like Han[Five-Tails Jinchuriki].  He was captured by Kisame Hoshigaki and died after Four-Tails was extracted from his body. He was than reincarnated by Edo Tensei and had an intense battle with Naruto. Roshi’s soul was released to the afterlife once the war came to and end

As for Naruto Online game, Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki] is one of the strongest Ninja with amazing skills.

Let’s take a look at the abilities of  Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki]

Attribute: Fire

Special Abilities: [Destroy Barriers] [Recovers Health] [Immune to Debuffs] [Ignition]

Chase Effect: [Ignition] [Repulse]

Chase Trigger: [30 COMBO]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase


Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki] Abilities Overview


Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Burning Ocean [Prompt]: Destroys all barriers and will cause Fire and Earth attributes damage 9 units of the opponent’s field. A selected unit will suffer from Knockdown.
Standard Attack

Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Taijutsu Attack: Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has a fixed chance of causing 4 COMBO and Low Float.

Ninjutsu Lava Style- Scorching Rocks Jutsu: Triggered with at least 30 COMBO, attacks 4 of the opponent’s units Fire and Earth attributes damage and will cause the units to suffer from Ignition.

Ninjutsu Armour Melting: Every this this units suffers Taijutsu damage, the attacker will suffer from Ignition, moreover, this unit’s Defense and Ninjutsu will be increased.

Ninjutsu Tailed Beast Chakra: Before the first action in a round, recovers Life points based on this unit’s Ninjutsu attribute. Becomes Immune to all Debuffs.


How to get Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki]

You can get Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki] from the Jincuriki Treasure 1. It will take almost 180-220 seal scrolls draw to get Roshi. However, I’ve seen Roshi fragments available on certain events like Lucky Stars Wheel. Maybe you might get chance to get Roshi [Four-Tails Jinchuriki] fragments using coupons on some of the weekly events.

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