Mangetsu Hozuki (Edo Tensei)

A skillful shinobi from Village Hidden By Mist, Mangetsu Hozuki is known as Second Coming of the Demon. He is the brother of Suigetsu Hozuki. He is also part of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist and able to wield all Seven Blades of the Swordsmen. Unfortunately, he was not able to master all seven blades and many people suggest that he died while fighting Might Dai though his death is unknown.

Let’s check out the overview and abilities of Mangetsu Hozuki [Edo Tensei].

Attribute: Water

Special Abilities: [Buff Hidden Mist Ninjas][ Additional Standard Attack to Ninja characters with no Technical Points] [Adds Technical Point to Seven Ninja Swordsmen] [Evasion]

Chase Effect: [Knockdown]

Chase Trigger: [Repulse]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase

Mangetsu Hozuki [Edo Tensei] Abilities Overview


Taijutsu Ninja Art Enhancement [Prompt]: The selected unit from your Lineup will get 1 Technique Pint. Moreover, if the selected unit from your Lineup cannot use Technique point, that unit will get an Extra Standard Attack.
Standard Attack 

Taijutsu & Ninjutsu Water Transformation Jutsu: Attacks the opponent’s unit and has high chances of causing Low Float.

Ninjutsu Water Style – Water Clone Jutsu: At the beginning of a battle, summons 1 Water Clone with attributes based on 70% of the main body’s attributes. This Water Clone is capable of using Water Transformation Jutsu as his Standard Attack.

Ninjutsu Water Style -Water Gun Jutsu: Chases and Attacks a Repulsed unit, causes Knockdown.

Ninjutsu Water Style – Multiple Water Transformation Jutsu: At the beginning of a battle, greatly increases Evasion Rate of Hidden Mist Units in your field, lasts for 2 rounds. (the Evasion effects of this skill are only valid for the first Evasion of each unit every round)


How to get Mangetsu Hozuki [Edo Tensei]

The only way to get Mangetsu Hozuki [Edo Tensei] is from the GNW (Great Ninja War) Treasure. You will need to draw at least 60-120 scrolls to get  Mangetzu Hozuki. There are high possibilities for Mangetsu Hozuki [Edo Tensei] to be available in events.


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