Kinkaku is a notorious criminal from Village Hidden by Clouds and the brother of Ginkaku. Kinkaku is the one killed Tobirama Senju during the First Shinobi World War. Kinkaku has the abilities of Nine Tails as he ate the flesh of Nine Tails when he was swallowed.

Let’s take a look at Kinkaku’s abilities.

Attribute: Lightning

Special Abilities: [Ignition]

Chase Effect: [Knockdown] [Immobile]

Chase Trigger: [Low Float]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase

Kinkaku Abilities Overview


 Taijutsu & Ninjutsu Bashosen – Five Elements Rout[Prompt]: Causes Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth attributes medium damage to the opponent’s entire team. Every opponent’s will suffer 5 COMBO.
Standard Attack

 Ninjutsu Vortex Attack: Attacks the opponent’s units in the front row and has a high chance of causing High Float.

Taijutsu Gold Rope: Chases and Attacks the Low Floated unit, causes Knockdown and Immobile. Can be triggered twice each round.

 Ninjutsu Chasing Meister: At the beginning of a battle, generates Shield to this units and to a Edo Tensei type Ninja in your team based on 80% of this units Resistance base attribute, Will also this unit’s Combo Rate by 40% and lasts for 3 rounds.

Ninjutsu Tailed Beast Coat: Every time you suffer Taijutsu damage, the attacker will suffer from Ignition.


How to get Ginkaku

You will only receive 2 star ninja of Kinkaku like Ginkaku. You can draw him from the Edo Tensei treasure within 30-40 seal scrolls or Great Ninja War (GNW) treasure in 10-20 seal scrolls draw. You can also get him from Sakura Festival at times when he is available.

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