Killer Bee [Samehada]

As I’ve described about Killer Bee in Killer Bee [Seven Swords Style] ninja character guide. I will move directly to the abilities overview and how to get  Killer Bee [Samehada].

Let’s take a look at the abilities of  Killer Bee [Samehada]

Attribute: Lightning

Special Abilities: [Recovers Life Points] [Extra Attacks] [Increase Critical Hit Rate] [Acupuncture] [Immune to Debuffs]

Chase Effect: [High Float] [Paralysis]

Chase Trigger: [Knockdown]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase

Killer Bee [Samehada] Abilities Overview


Ninjutsu Lightning Armor [Prompt]: When used, will launch 3 Standard Attacks this round, simultaneously, this skill will increase this unit’s Critical Hit Rate by 15%, lasts for 1 round.
Standard Attack

Taijutsu Shark Skin Attack: Attacks the opponent’s front row and absorb up to 20 Chakra points and has a chance of a 3 COMBO, Low Float and Acupuncture.

Ninjutsu Shark Skin Expansion: The higher your Chakra points, the higher Killer Bee’s Critical Rate and COMBO Rate. Becomes effective with at least 40 Chakras.

Ninjutsu Tailed Beast Chakra: Before each action in a round, recovers Life based on its Ninjutsu attribute and becomes immune to all Debuffs.

Taijutsu,  Ninjutsu Lightning Plough Hot Sword: Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes High Float and Paralysis.


How to get Killer Bee [Samehada]

You can get Killer Bee [Samehada] from the Jinchuriki 1 Treasure. It will take almost 60-70 seal scrolls draw to get Killer Bee.

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