Hanzo Salamander

Hanzo a Legendary Shinobi from Village Hidden by Rain. He was also the ruler and leader of Village Hidden by Rain during his lifetime. Hanzo was confronted by Mifune in one of the battles where he acknowledged Mifune as a great samurai. During the Second Shinobi World War, Hanzo  fought ninjas from the Village Hidden by Leaves (Konoha) where Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru were the only survivors. He did not kill them and gave them titles “Konoha’s Sannins” for the great battle.  Hanzo and everyone related to Hanzo was killed by Pain Tendo. Hanzo was revived during the Foruth Shinobi World War and was defeated by Mifune. Hanzo Salamander performed seppuku and allowed to be sealed.

Let’s take a look at the abilities of  Hanzo Salamander.

Attribute: Fire

Special Abilities: [Poisoning] [Debuff Removal] [2 Standard Attack]

Chase Effect: [Knockdown] [Immobile] [Ignition] [Poisoning]

Chase Trigger: [Knockdown] [10 COMBO]

Number of Chases: 2 Chase


Hanzo Salamander Abilities Overview


Ninjutsu Summoning Jutsu- Salamander: Causes Ninjutsu damage and Poisoning to up to 12 units from the opponent’s entire team.
Standard Attack

Taijutsu Sickle Dance: Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a chance of 10 COMBO and Poisoning.

Ninjutsu Poison Eliminating: Before each action, cancel 1 Debuff on each individual from your own entire team.

Taijutsu,Ninjutsu Chained Prison Explosion: Chases and Attacks Knocked Down unit, causes Knockdown, Immobile and Ignition.

Ninjutsu Poison Fog Jet: Triggered with at least 10 COMBO of Ninjutsu damage and cause Poisoning against 3 of the opponent’s units.


How to get  Hanzo Salamander

You can get Hanzo Salamander only from events. He is not available in any ninja treasures. Following are some of the events you should keep an eye if you want to get Hanzo:

  • Lucky Board
  • Konoha’s Great Tree
  • Limited Recruitment
  • Lucky Star

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