Gaara [Fifth Kazekage]

There are two types of Gaara in Naruto Online Game. There is a slight difference in skills for Gaara and Gaara [Fifth Kazekage]. Let me talk about this character before moving on to the skills and ways to obtain from seal treasure.

One of the powerful Shinobi from Sunakagure ( Village Hidden by Sand) of the Land of Wind. Gaara became Kazekage after the Chuunin exams at Konoha after having a tough confrontation with Naruto. He is one of the youngest Kage and succeeded his father, Rasa[ Third Kazekage] who was assassinated by Orochimaru.

Although Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] is not used in Ultimate teams, he will be a great addition to Wind main team.

Attribute: Wind

Special Abilities: [Buff Wind] [Buff Earth [Immune to Chase]

Chase Effect: [Immobile] [Repulse] [Knockdown] [High Float]

Chase Trigger: [High Float]

Number of Chases: 1 Chase


Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] Abilities Overview

Mystery Ninjutsu Giant Layered Sand Burial [Prompt]: Cause damage of Wind and Earth attributes up to 9 units from the opponent’s team and Knockdown to the selected opponent’s unit.
Standard Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Sand Shower: Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a chance of 3 COMBO and High Float.
Passive Ninjutsu Super Armor: Immune to Low Float, High Float, Repulse, and Knockdown.
Passive Ninjutsu Sand Style Barrier- Sand Hell: Launches a barrier, increases by 40% the Attack and Ninjutsu attributes for Earth and Wind units in your field. Moreover will generate a Shield for 2 ninjas based on 40% of this unit’s resistance base attribute.
Chase Taijutsu, Ninjutsu Sand Burial: Chases and Attacks a High Floated and cause Knockdown and Immobile


How to get Gaara [Fifth Kazekage]

The algorithm behind the seal treasure pulling has been randomized and it depends on your luck on at how many pulls you can get Gaara [ Fifth Kazekage]. However, you can get him with at least 100 seal treasure draw from Five Kage Treasure.

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