Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid in Naruto Online Game

You’ve started playing Naruto Online.

One of the common dilemma encountered by players.

“I’m doing everything right but why other players are doing better than me?”

You might assume that you’re doing everything right, but that’s not the case. There are several mistakes you should avoid when you’re playing Naruto Online.

These are the common mistakes by beginner players.

Spending Your Seal Scrolls

You’re jealous about others getting rare ninjas yet you’re not getting any. You might even tell others are getting rare ninjas because they are P2W (Pay To Win Players). That’s not the case. I’ve seen Free players who does better than players spending huge amount of money on the ingots.

You need to save your seal scrolls to get rare ninjas. Don’t spend your seal scrolls immediately. I understand that your hand is pretty itchy to click on the seal treasures and use up your seal scrolls. Please don’t do that.

You need to save at least 400-500 seal scrolls and spend it on a specific seal treasure to obtain super rare ninjas. Patience is the key to get super rare ninjas unless you’re ready to spend huge amount of money.

Group Donations

You need to focus on contributing to your group. Group donation should be your highest priority in spending your coins before spending it on equipment level upgrades. Group donation not only increases your battle power by upgrading your group skills but also increases the overall strength of your group.  As for the equipment upgrade, you can do it anytime later when you have huge amount of gold from Survival and Rich Field.

Please make group donation as your number one priority.

Server Hopping

There is one bad habit of players. They tend to hop around servers all because they are not doing well on the current server. Don’t change servers because you’re not ranked top on that server. There will be players who always outrank you in every server. You need to have game plan and focus on improving your game by staying on a specific game server. The higher the level the greater your chances to improve your ranking. You will be stuck at low-level and start over from the beginning if you’re constantly changing servers. Don’t make this mistake.

Spending Coupons and Ingots

The common mistake by players it to spend their coupons and ingots on random things. For example, Wheel of Fortune and Lucky Star events can be extremely tempting as they will always have a super rare ninja with 80 fragments. Don’t waste your coupons and ingots on them. Check the frustration of a player who spent huge amount of money on such events.


My suggestion is to spend your ingots and coupons in increasing your battle power. Focus on increasing your Magatama levels, improve your equipment  refining, improve your equipment purification, increase your rune stone levels and lastly improve your charms. Increase in your battle power determines your success in the overall game.

Choosing Your Main Character

You might want to choose a random mai character when you’re starting off. Don’t do that. You need to make sure you’be chosen the right main character so that you have great sustainability until you reach level 60. After level 60 you can change your main characters. Each main characters can be unlocked at level 60,65,70 and 75.

Make sure to choose the right main character and recruit other ninjas from Arena Shop, Group Shop, Ranked Battle Shop and Survival Shop. The ninjas you’re recruiting should synchronize with your main character in terms of buffs, debuffs and combos.

Convoy and Plunder

I’ve seen some of the players doing A rank convoys. You’re wasting you convoy chances by doing A rank convoys which gives you extremely low rewards. Only do SS and S rank convoys.

You can do plunder missions if you have high BP than the ones you plunder. Do not fail in plunder and lose your chance in receiving any rewards. To stay safe you can always complete all 3 convoys and receive the rewards.

** Reminder – When you carry out SS mission make sure to apply for support. Make sure to choose a support with high battle power as you can easily win if you get plundered.

Daily Exclusives

Are you aware of daily exclusives?

You can check it out daily like on the screenshot below.

Make sure to take advantage over the daily exclusives especially the weekend ones. The weekend daily exclusives offers you x2 equipment upgrade items. Make sure to save your stamina for the weekend so you can easily upgrade your equipment.

You should not miss the Monday’s Double experience from instances. This will allow you to level up faster.

Leveling Up

Leveling up in Naruto Online game gives you an edge over other players. However, I don’t agree to it 100%. You should focus on leveling up till you reach level 60-65. Once you’ve reached this level, focus on increasing your BP power and don’t fully focus on leveling up your character.

You will encounter low level players with huge battle powers. This is because they fully focus on improving their equipment, magatamas, and everything that contributes to the increase in battle power.

Don’t ultimately focus on leveling up alone as you might not have the battle power required to compete with other players at the same level. After level 60-65 let your leveling up to go with the flow.

If you’ve just started off and looking for ways to level up, check out my following suggestions:

  • Complete your daily practices and make sure to get 100 activity points.
  • After level 55 you can do wanted missions which will earn you experience to level up.


Elite Instances

I’ve seen a lot of players miss out on elite instances. The number of elite instances that you can do per day is limited. So why you shouldn’t miss out from doing Elite Instances?

  • You will get ninja fragments of the ninjas you’re looking to upgrade their stars.
  • An the beginning, you will be able to increase the BP of your main character through progress.


Summoning Scrolls

Most players use up their summoning scrolls every single time after receiving them. If you want to get Orange (Rare) summons you need to save up your summoning scrolls. You will definitely get at least one rare summon if you use 50 summons scrolls. So, make sure to save up as many summons scrolls possible before using them up. Although I do agree that you can use summon scrolls one by one to get a rare summon, why do you want to waste it every single time when you can draw it in bulk.

What are other mistakes often made by Naruto Online players?

Please share by commenting below.

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  • Thanks for the awesome tips I have been spending seal scrolls everytime I get them and I also spend all my coupons that I get in one day. Anyways thanks for the amazing tips I’ll be sure to remember them and keep posting helpful stuff like this.

    • Thanks for the comment. Glad to know you liked the tips. Hope you will save up on the seal scrolls before drawing from the treasures next time.