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Naruto Online Event For 03/05 – 09/05 2018

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I’m sure all of you are excited with the weekly events update. As you can see the events update on Naruto Online forum, onward May 2018, I will be doing the event update at Naruto Guides as well.

Let’s move on the the new events for this week (3rd May – 9th May 2018).

  • There will be a new skill breakthrough added for Tenten. If you have the normal Tenten, you can breakthrough one of her skills.
  • The weekly strong ninjas for this week will be Deidara [Edo Tensei], Itachi Uchiha [Anbu] and Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei]


Platinum Recharge

As you all know, Platinum recharge event offers some of the best items and ninja fragments. However, you need to make daily recharge of the specified amount to enjoy the items and ninjas.

  • You need to recharge specified amount of ingots daily to claim prizes. The prizes can be claimed only once daily.
  • You need to recharge the same amount of ingots for given number of days (usually 5-6 days) to claim additional rewards.
  • The event will refresh at 00.00(server time) on daily basis till 9th of May 2018

Rewards from this event

  1. Coupons (20), Level 3 Magatama Pack, Seal Scroll(1), Charm Materials Pack(1)
  2. Primary Recharge Pack I (1), Cave Key(15), Primary Recharge Pack II(1), Seal Scrolls(3)
  3. Platinum Recharge Pack I(1), Advanced Refine Rune(10), Platinum Recharge Pack II(2), Purification Breakthrough Pill(1), Treasure Tools Rare Essence(1)

Primary Recharge Pack I

You can choose one of the following rewards from the pack:

Primary Recharge Pack II

You can choose one of the following rewards from the pack:

Platinum Recharge Pack 1

You can choose one of the following rewards from the pack:

  • Deidara [Edo Tensei] fragments – 8
  • Minato Namikaze [The Fourth Hokage] fragments – 8

Platinum Recharge Pack 1

You can choose one of the following rewards from the pack:

  • Deidara [Edo Tensei] fragments – 24
  • Minato Namikaze [The Fourth Hokage] fragments – 24


Konoha’s Great Tree 

The servers open after 3rd May would not be able to take part in this event)

Get Fortune coins from the Konoha’s Great Tree and exchange them in the Fortune Shop.

  1. You can see Tree icon on the main screen always below Survival Trial. Click on it and enter to take part in the event.
  2. You will obtain Dew Drops which is used to bless and increase level of the Konoha Great Tree by clearing Survival Trials, Area Participation, Team Instances, and purchase of daily packs.
  3. You can also purchase Dew Drops using coupons and Ingots.
  4. You will receive Fortune Coins and Points when you bless your Konoha Tree with Dew Drops. The points and Fortune Coins can be redeemed from the shops within the Konoha’s Great Tree Interface.
  5. The level of the tree will increase when a specific amount of points is reached.
  6. Make sure to use the Fortune Coins and Points from the Konoha Great Tree Interface before the deadline which will be before 10th of May as they will expire or reset.


Treasure of Sage

The event will be available from 3rd May till 9th May 2018.

One of my favorite event that offers you items and ninja fragments at discounted prices.

  1. Complete Plot/Elite Instances to get Sage’s Key. You will get maximum of 5 Sage’s Key per day. However, you can also purchase the Sage’s Key using coupons and ingots. Make sure to use your Sage’s Key as it will expire once the event finishes.
  2. You will get random rewards when you open the Sage Treasures.
  3. Once you open the treasure, you can see 4 different treasures with mixture of ninja fragments and items with different discounts. You can refresh with your Sage’s Keys to get different items and random rewards.
  4. The maximum discount you can get will be 50%.
  5. In this Sage Treasure event, you can get chances in obtaining Minato Namikaze [Jonin] and Masked Man at reduced price. Make sure to use this event to get some of the best items and discounted price as well.


“One-Ingot Sales”

This event will be valid from 3rd May till 9th May 2018.

You can spend your Ingots wisely in this event and get some of the best items and ninjas.

  1. When you participate in this event, you can see that each items or ninjas requires number of participation before the item is unlocked and randomly rewarded to a player.
  2. Every item will have limited number of “Phases”. Once the items listed is given away to a lucky player, the item will move up a “Phase”
  3. So the trick here is the number of participation the player attempts, the higher the participation, the higher your chances to get the specific item.
  4. If the specific item does not reach the number of required phase before the event ends, the ingots will be refunded to players as Coupons.

You can get the following items and ninjas from this event:


  • Seal Scroll
  • Summoning Scroll
  • Mystery Gem
  • Mount Myoboku’s Gifts
  • Rainbow Magatama Lv.5
  • Treasure Tools Common Essence

Gift Packs

  • Special Charm Materials Pack
  • Fortune Bag
  • Limit Seals Pack
  • Special Ninja Purch
  • Tactics Optional Gift Pack
  • Refine Runes Optional Pack
  • “Summer Youth Sai” Cloth Fragments(s)



Daily Purchase Limit

This event will be valid from the 3rd of May till 9th of May 2018

You will get items to increase your battle power at great discounted price. Make use of it.

Like other events, you can find Daily Purchase Limit on the hot topics section. You can use only Ingots to by these packs and you’re limited to buy only once per day.

  1. 88 ingot Pack: Seal Scroll(1), Mount Myoboku’s Gift(7), Coins(30,000)
  2. 188 ingot Pack: Seal Scroll(1), Medium Thread(3), Medium Cloth(3)
  3. 888 ingot Pack: Special Seals(1), Charm Materials Pack(3), Advanced Thread(5)

As for the Special Seals Pack you will get the following:

  • Fixed drop: Seal Scrolls(5)
  • Random drops: Kirin(Summon) – 1, Lee[The Eight Inner Gates] fragment – 5, Shikaku Nara fragment – 5, Ino[Great Ninja War] fragment – 5, Neji[Great Ninja War] fragment-5, Tenten [Cheongsam] fragment-5, Kakashi[Beheading Sword] fragment-5


Myoboku Trial

This event will be valid from 3rd May – 9th May 2018

You need to be at least level 30 to take part in this event.

There are several parts in this event.

Login Gifts

When you login everyday, you can claim the following rewards:

  • 3/5 – Coins(20,000), Cultivation Rune(2,000), Purification Rune(2)
  • 4/5 – Stamina Potion Small(2), Dango(5), Purification Protection Rune(2)
  • 5/5 – Cave Keys(2), Cultivation Rune(2,000), Purification Rune(2)
  • 6/5 – Coins(20,000), BBq(5), Tenten Skill Book:Weapon Control- Gigantic Iron Ball
  • 7/5 – Mood Scroll(2), Stamina Potion Small(1), Purification Rune(3)
  • 8/5 – Dango(5), Cultivation Rune(2,000), Purification Protection Rune(2)
  • 9/5 – Coins(20,000), Cave Keys(2), Tenten Skill Book: Critical Hit Tips

Myoboku Trial (Hammer)

In this event you need to move the hammer and hit the cylinder. However, you need to make sure the needle move to the “Perfect” area to make sure the cylinder hit perfectly to receive your rewards. You will have 3 daily attempts for free. If you want increase your attempts, it will consumer 10,15,20 ingots for the next 3 attempts.

Wheel of Offerings

For this section your ingots/coupons will be consumed. The amount of ingots/coupon spent increases after each subsequent spin. For example, the first spin will cost 100 ingots/coupons, second spin will cost 300 ingots/coupons. The more you spin the more better the rewards you obtain. You are only allowed to spin 8 times a day. As you spin, you won’t get the same reward the next time.


Mystery Fruits

This event will be valid from 3rd May – 9th May 2018

You need to be at least level 11 to take part in this event.

In this event, the player can buy 3 different types of fruits from 3rd May till 5th May 23:59:59. Once you purchase the fruits, the fruits will appear on tree and it takes 3 days to fully grow. As you can see the fruit can only be bought till 5th May 23:59:59 and the fruits will grow and ripe from 6th May – 9th May 23.59.59

If you never claim the fruit before the event ends, the fruits will be expired and will not be sent automatically to your mail system.


Summon Rebates

This event is valid from 3rd May-9th May 2018

You need to be level 50 to take part in this event.

You need to draw at least 10 summon scrolls to get 1 summon scroll rebates. The rebates increase as you draw more summon scrolls.


Cave Exploration Rebate

The event will be valid from 7th May – 9th May 2018.

You need to be at least level 48 to participate.

You can get rebate for the number of Cave keys used. However, free explore will not be taken into account. Upon getting Time-Limited Cave Keys as rebate, it will be consumed first. You need to use the cave key obtained from rebate event before it gets expired.


Ninjutsu Trial

This event will be valid from 3rd May – 9th May 2018

In this event you need to select the right hand seals for three times to get rewards.  You can claim the rewards only once daily.

Following are the rewards you will get from Ninjutsu Trial:

  • Coins(50,000), Mount Myoboku’s Gift(1), Cave Key(3), Coupons(10)


These are the full-list of events from 3rd May till 9th May 2018. Make a great use of these events and make your character stronger.

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