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7 Best Naruto Episodes

Like many other successful anime series from the 1990s and 2000s, the Naruto franchise began as a manga.

Masashi Kishimoto conceived of a vast universe in which ninjas used chakra to perform incredible deeds. The anime and manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continue the franchise. But before Boruto came around, his dad was just a boy trying to make his mark in the shinobi world, and that’s where the narrative really begins.

The Chunin Examinations and the Sasuke Recovery Mission are two of Naruto’s most well-known plotlines. Episodes that fall within either of the two story loops tend to be the most watched and, therefore, the most popular.

When it comes to the best episodes of Naruto, it’s always been the ones that were the most emotionally engaging but also added to the series’ action and advanced the plot of the most well-liked story arcs.

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  1. S1E71: An Unrivaled Match: Hokage Battle Royale!

This episode is essentially one long fight scene and is included in the “Konoha Crush” arc, among the most well-known in the early seasons of Naruto. The episode primarily focuses on the Third Hokage’s conflict with both the First and Second Hokage while they are both under Orochimaru’s influence. Characters in this chapter use abilities the audience had never seen before, as is the case in many of the most well-liked episodes of Naruto, particularly those involving the larger fights.

A secondary plot is also included. The Sunagakure siblings, who are assisting Orochimaru penetrate Konoha, are surprised to see Sasuke Uchiha. It was an intriguing encounter because the siblings didn’t fully comprehend their actions at the time, and they and Sasuke will ultimately switch sides.

  1. S1E80: The Third Hokage, Forever

This episode of Naruto takes place shortly after Orochimaru’s assault on Konoha during Chunin Exams and tries to deal with the emotional consequences of that event, although it is limited by time. The death of the Third Hokage teaches many lessons, and Naruto is not the only one who benefits from these lessons.

Gaara discovers what it entails to care about others rather than just fear or blame them. He witnesses the unity and fortitude with which Naruto’s friends rally to support him in his mission to protect them. Gaara’s life changes dramatically at this point. The first move he adopts is to apologize to his siblings for their hardships.

  1. S1E125: The Sand Shinobi: Allies Of The Leaf

The Sand Shinobi: Allies Of The Leaf aired on 22 March 2022, takes place during the massively famous “Sasuke Recovery Arc,” which focuses on the three Suna brothers, Kankuro, Gaara, and Temari. It divides its time between Kiba, Lee, and Shikamaru, helping them escape their various predicaments.

It’s refreshing to see the siblings in a supportive role, and the episode does an excellent job of reminding viewers of the siblings’ ninja prowess. Initially antagonistic to Konoha in the Chunin Exams, the trio eventually becomes pivotal allies to Naruto and his companions. Temari ends up being married to Shikamaru.

  1. S1E30: The Sharingan Revived: Dragon-Flame Jutsu!

Fans adore the storyline that centers on Sasuke taking the Chunin Exams, and they adore his bouts just as much. Given that this episode deals with both of those topics, it’s no surprise that it has received such high ratings.

This episode included Sasuke’s fight with Shiore. Sasuke gained the upper hand, but Shiore’s face disappeared, revealing Orochimaru’s true identity. The unexpected happened when Orochimaru bit Sasuke and bolted. Despite Anko’s best efforts, he managed to escape.

  1. S1E16: The Broken Seal

Despite the fact that it’s episode 16 of the series, this is among the first times we have a glimpse of the true friendship between Naruto and Sasuke. Despite spending a significant portion of the program at odds with one another, Naruto eventually regards him as a brother and is determined to rescue him from his own demons. That begins now, as the two join forces to take on Haku, with each nearly giving their life for the other but ultimately choosing to keep fighting.

  1. S1E84: Roar, Chidori! Brother VS Brother

For those who follow Sasuke and Itachi, this is a monumental episode. Many of the events of this episode take place in the past, even as Kisame and Itachi are on the quest for Sasuke, and Naruto is determined to stop them.

Through these flashbacks, the audience gets Sasuke’s perspective on the day Itachi decimated the Uchiha clan.

That day shapes Sasuke into the shinobi when he and Naruto become part of the same team, and also, the series reveals the full reality behind such a day, just not Sasuke’s vision of it. Sasuke is currently completely preoccupied with thoughts of revenge.

  1. S1E94: Attack! Fury Of The Rasengan

Before leaving the village with Jiraiya to find Tsunade, Naruto devoted much effort to mastering the Rasengan technique. In this episode, he used it in a fight against Kabuto.

During the fight against Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Naruto all sought to assist Tsunade, but her fear of blood paralyzed her. Orochimaru was taken on by Jiraiya, leaving Shizune and Naruto to cope with Kabuto as Tsunade watched in terror. The episode focused mostly on a challenging fight, but Naruto astonished everyone by showing no signs of giving up and refusing to allow anyone to harm Tsunade.

Take Away

More than 200 episodes made up the first season of the Naruto series. Based on user ratings submitted to IMDb, those episodes received an 8.3 out of 10 on average. Users of IMDb can assign stars to movies and TV shows on a scale from 1 to 10.

The worst possible rating is one star, while the highest possible rating is ten. With new fans being able to score episodes on IMDb as they watch them on streaming platforms, the rankings for Naruto are always shifting.

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