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Team Build: Lineups for Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero]

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Due to a huge number of emails requesting for team build guide, I thought of starting off with lineups that best suits for Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero]. I know most of you might not have this ninja yet. But, you might get her in future for sure. If you get her these lineups would be a great help.

These lineups will be for advanced players who have some of the top ninjas.

Let’s get started


Wind Main Lineup

As you can see one of the best Wind main lineups for Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero]  is by having Shisui Uchiha[Kotoamatsukami] and Naruto[Sage Mode]. As for your main character (Breeze Dancer) is the best to select the following talents:

  • Dance of Impetus (Mystery)
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu (Standard Attack)
  • Shoot-Down Rasengan (Chase)
  • Wind Style Enhancement (Passive)
  • Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu (Passive)
  • Summoning – Rhino (Chase)

As Kushina has great CC, she will be the best choice to be on the front-line. Sage Naruto will play an incredible role in great damage output while getting buffs and barriers from Shisui. Shisui will play his role in creating Chaos and inflicting Ignite damage, Breeze dancer will provide huge support with clones and Mystery refresh for the whole team. This team will produce maximum 7 COMBO and 17 hits.

If you don’t have Shisui you can substitute them with either Iruka or Killer Bee [ Seven-Sword Style]


Lightning Main Lineup

As for the Lightning main team, it is best to have  Killer Bee [ Seven-Sword Style] and Naruto [Kurama Mode]. I’m sure you’re wondering how the hell am I going to get Naruto [Kurama]. You can definitely replace him with other ninja characters. As this team build guide is to provide the best lineups just follow me. Following are the Lightning main abilities you should use for this lineup:

  • Lightning Sealing Slash (Mystery)
  • Calm Mind (Standard Attack)
  • Chidori Sharp Spear (Chase)
  • Anbu Special Assault Tactics (Passive)
  • Bloodthirsty Demon (Passive)
  • Summon – King of Hell (Chase)

An offensive yet sustainable team which can fight any team out there. As great double attack Buff to Naruto[Kurama Mode] and passive of Lightning Main Anbu Special Assault Tactics will work like wonder. Although the Lightning main is not focused on being offensive, Naruto[Kurama Mode] and Kushina will give huge damage and sustainability for the team.


Water Main Lineup

As for the Water main team, the best ninjas to be included will be Minato Namikaze [Jonin] and Kushimaru Kuriare [Edo Tensei]. It is pretty easy to get both these ninjas as you progress through the game. It is not impossible to build this lineup. Following are the Water main abilities you should use for this lineup:

  • Regenerative Healing Jutsu (Mystery)
  • Healing Jutsu (Standard Attack)
  • Water Style – Water Dragon Jutsu (Chase)
  • Healing Tips (Passive)
  • Poison Tai (Passive)
  • Summon – Demon Fox (Chase)


Both Minato and Kushina have great CC in this Lineup. With Kushimaru who can provide great damage is an additional strength to this team. As the Water main will focus on healing and removing debuffs with Mystery this Water lineup will provide great damage and survivability.


 Earth Main Lineup

As for the Earth Main lineup, the best addition to the lineup will be Shisui Uchiha and Minato Namikaze [Fourth Hokage]. Although it will consume a huge amount of coupon to acquire all these ninjas, trust me it’s worth it. Following are the best abilities for the Earth main for this lineup:

  • Earth Style – Super Lightened Boulder Jutsu (Mystery)
  • Earth Style – Petrifying Jutsu (Standard Attack)
  • Earth Style – Sphere of Graves (Chase)
  • Pose of Duel (Passive)
  • Defense Knowledge (Passive)
  • Summon – Rhino (Chase)

There is a good synchronization between Kushina and Minato Fourth Hokage in this Lineup. Minato is able to do massive damage, tag and Interruption. Shisui will create barriers for other 2 ninjas while causing Chaos for 2 rounds and Ignition. Kushina will become super tanky on the front line with the buff provided by Earth Main. For me, this is one of the best Earth Main team for lasting sustainability.


Fire Main Lineup

As you can see the Fire Main lineup is exactly same as the Water main lineup. However, this lineup is crazy AF. This is due to the abilities of the Fire Main. Following are the best abilities of Fire Main for this lineup:

  • Illusion Mirroring Vision (Mystery)
  • Fire Style Bomb Blast Dance (Standard Attack)
  • Fire Style- Burning Ash (Chase)
  • Genjutsu- Mirror Return ( Passive)
  • Oboro Clone Jutsu (Passive)
  • Summon – King of Hell (Chase)

The combination of Kusina and Minato Jonin is epic. With the addition of Fire main abilities, this team can be super annoying for the opponents due to the debuff removal. Kushina has a high CC and able to dominate the frontline with her self-healing ability. The barrier and chaos by Shisui play an important role in this lineup. With the Fire main support abilities, Minato able to outburst the opponent team.

Have you tried any other lineups with Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero]?

Please share with us by commenting below.

Note** I will be doing more team guides in coming weeks. I will start from the basic team formation guide for the main characters.

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