Top 5 Seal Scrolls Draw Videos You Should Watch

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I hope all of you had some fantastic week and enjoyed cool events. I was thinking on the type of content I could create to entice you more in playing Naruto Online.

Than I thought of something. I’m sure some of you watched the Seal Scroll Draws by some of the players on YouTube. It’s exciting to see such videos even if you’re unable to draw such huge number of seal scrolls.

These videos often makes you want to keep playing Naruto Online and get your chance of getting some of the rare ninjas from treasures.

So let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious seal scroll draw videos that will motivate you to play the game.

Naruto Online | Tendo Treasure Summons | 400 Seal Scrolls

This video was uploaded by Kaizer. Kaizer is one of the top Naruto Online player on New York Server (S59). The best part of this video is Kaizer manage to pull Hashirama Senju from the Tendo Treasure with only 400 seal scrolls draw. It is simply exciting to watch this video. This video has gained 131,741 views so far.


3400 Seal Scrolls Drawing to GNW Treasure! Madara 1st, Kurama 2nd and Madara 3rd as SRs

This video was uploaded by Memo Naruto Online. The owner of this YouTube account is unknown.  Although this video shows something that not all players can do. It’s 3400 seal scrolls draw where you need to spend approximately 425,000 ingots which will cost you US$8400.00. That’s crazy for sure. But, just enjoy the video. Madara Uchiha [Founder of Konoha] is drawn at 14:51, 51:35. Naruto [Kurama Mode] is drawn at 31:13. Lastly Hashirama [Edo Tensei] is drawn at 41.01. This video has gained 38,853 views.

Naruto Online – 211 Seal Scroll Drawing | Land of Lightning Treasure

This video was uploaded by Animezis. He is a front-end developer by profession and has passion for RPG games. Currently he is fully focused on Naruto Online game. Compared to any other Ninja Treasures Land of Lightning Treasure is one of my favorite. This is because with just 210-220 scroll draws you can build your lightning team with some of the top ninjas. Although they are not the strongest, they will synchronize well with the Lightning Main. In this video, you can watch how Animezis draws Samui, Omoi and Ay [Third Raikage]. This video gained 2,274 views.


Naruto Online | 210 Seal Scrolls Han Jinchuriki Treasure Pulls

This is another video by Kaizer whee he draws 210 seal scrolls from the Jinchuriki 2 Treasure where he gets Han [Five-Tails Jinchuriki]. In this video, you can see how it is possible for you to get Han even if you’re Free To Play player. All you need is the patience to save your seal scrolls. This video gained 16,931 views.


Naruto Online – 900 Seal Scrolls Kage Treasure Draws | Five Kage Treasure

This is another video by Animezis. In this video he pulls 890 scrolls. He already pulled 10 scrolls in free pull, so he had to put the title as 900 seal scrolls draw to get Sasuke [Susanoo]I know most players can’t save up to 900 seal scrolls and just spend it on Kage Treasure. Maybe if you have additional money and want to spend on ingots and get seal scrolls, go for it. It will cost you US$2250. This video gained 30, 728 views.

What you think about these seal scrolls draw videos? Exciting? Jealous? Envy?

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